The Best Time of Year to Sell Your Home
Posted October 23rd, 2015 by Moving Station

There is a lot of talk out there about the best time of year to sell property. In most markets in the United States, the conventional wisdom is that you don’t want to list your home in the Fall or Winter, but rather wait until Spring or Summer, when more buyers are apt to be looking. On the opposite end of the spectrum – the “snowbird” or “resort” markets in places like southern Arizona or South Florida – the conventional wisdom is that you want to list in the Fall or Winter, because that is when most relocating retirees come to the area to start looking for their next home.
While there is some truth to the conventional wisdom, it fails to tell the complete picture. What you need to know is THERE ARE ALWAYS BUYERS OUT THERE. Let’s take a deeper look, using the Chicago area as an example.
It is true that there will be more buyers looking in the spring and summer. However, buyers in the Spring and Summer may not be in a rush to purchase property. They might just be curious to see what is out there. They might also be able to wait to see if anyone does a price reduction, or if something they like even better comes on the market. You will also see a lot more homeowners listing their house in the spring, following the “conventional wisdom.” So, even if a buyer has a sense of urgency, there are a lot of choices available to them.
But, as we said earlier, there are always buyers out there. Even in Chicago, there are buyers who are looking in December, January, or February. And if you’ve ever been through a Chicago winter, you know that someone who is house-hunting in January isn’t doing it on a lark! Someone shopping for a home at that time of the year is serious about making a purchase, and needs to do it quickly. If your home is one of the few available to purchase in winter, you’ve increased your chances of selling.
Lastly, it’s almost impossible to predict where the real estate market will be if you wait. Prices could go up, but there’s also the risk that prices will remain where they are, or even decline. We can only speak confidently about where the market is today.
Of course, no two markets are the same, and we always recommend talking to your Moving Station Personal Relocation Manager or Real Estate Counselor about your plans, your market, and the best way to proceed. It is our job to make sure you are fully informed about what it will take to sell your home, wherever it is and whenever you’re ready!

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