Temporary Housing
Posted March 1st, 2016 by Clarissa Gregg

Have you considered the possibility that you may need temporary housing before you are able to move into your residence at your continuing care community? On occasion, the sale of your home may not coincide perfectly with the move into your new space. If that situation arises, you will have to consider the possibility of a short term move and temporary housing.
When temporary housing is necessary to bridge the gap between the sale of your current home and your move into your new home at a community, you should keep in mind that these periods can extend from a few days to several months and it is important to plan accordingly.
There are different options for individuals seeking temporary housing but the three main options are regular hotels, extended stay hotels, or rental apartments and homes.
How do you find temporary housing?
You can research your options on your own or you can work with a reputable real estate company to find temporary housing.
What questions should you ask yourself?
• What type of temporary housing best suits your needs?
• What price are you willing to pay?
• What would be a suitable location?
• What amenities will be required?
• What about services like laundry or housekeeping?
Which are the benefits of each option?
Regular Hotels – This is a good option for very short stays of a few days. The plus to opting for a regular hotel would be full service amenities such as restaurants and daily housekeeping. However keep in mind this option may also be more costly especially if your stay must be extended.
Extended Stay Hotels – For longer stays, extended stay hotels may be the option for you. This option will provide a more home-like environment because they offer full kitchens and on-site laundry facilities. There are no leases to sign, no added utilities and the studios come fully furnished.
Rental Homes & Apartments – If your stay is a month or longer, you might consider renting a home or apartment. This option depends on your budget and whether you are comfortable signing a lease or arranging for utilities. There are some short term rental options that are furnished and inclusive of utilities which is convenient. It is typical for a short term rental to ask a premium on the rental amount compared to a year lease, but you have the advantage of a true home rather than a hotel.
If you are working with Moving Station through your transition and the need for temporary housing arises, make sure to ask your Personal Relocation Manager for assistance!

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