Selling Your Home PART ONE: Getting Ready to List
Posted November 5th, 2015 by Moving Station

You’ve decided that you’re ready to sell your home. So, where do you begin?

Your first step should be to call your Moving Station Personal Relocation Manager (PRM) or Real Estate Counselor (REC). Our recommendation for anyone is to talk to a couple real estate agents, and your PRM or REC is prepared to recommend two experienced, effective, full-time real estate agents to meet with you whenever you are ready. For a transaction as important as this, we strongly encourage getting a least two independent analyses.

It is not necessary to do anything before the agents come to visit. You may want to pick up a little, like you would any time you are expecting company, but you don’t need to take on any special tasks. This visit is just for you to get to know the agent a little bit, and for the agent to familiarize themselves with your property. Some agents may ask permission to take photos during this visit. These photographs are not intended for marketing purposes – they are just for the agent’s own reference when he or she starts to work to determine the market value of your home.

A couple days after the second agent has visited, your PRM or REC will call you to share the agents’ analyses of your property. This allows us to ensure that the agents have taken time AFTER seeing your home to really take into consideration everything your home has to offer in the current marketplace. We present both agents’ opinions to you at the same time, so you can be confident that the information is coming from an unbiased, neutral source.

The agents’ analyses will also include some recommendations for getting the home ready to market. In most cases, these are relatively minor tasks, such as giving the whole house a good, deep cleaning, and putting away personal effects, so that prospective buyers are seeing the house, and themselves in the home. It’s easier to do that when they aren’t looking at photos of your lovely grandchildren! In some cases, there might also be a recommendation to add a fresh coat of paint to some rooms, or address a minor repair that is sure to come up in an inspection. However, we will not make recommendations that involve remodeling or renovations – those are costly, time-consuming jobs, and you might end up spending more than you make in final purchase price. As one of our Personal Relocation Managers put it, “We’re just putting on make-up – we’re not getting a face lift!”

This will also be the time when you choose which real estate agent you would like to list your home. You want to focus on which agent you think will do the best job for you – not necessarily the agent who promised you the best price. It’s important that you choose someone who you feel comfortable and confident having as your representative. After all, you’ll spend a lot of time talking with your agent throughout this process!

When you’ve chosen your agent, he or she will schedule a time when they can visit with you to go over everything. Your PRM or REC, your agent, and you will partner together to discuss pricing and marketing strategies. We’ll have a conversation about staging the home, and the agent will also want to schedule a photographer to come out to take professional pictures of the home, so that your home shows in the best possible light for buyer – especially on the internet. Our goal is to help you sell your home at the best possible price, within a reasonably brief timeframe. Keep in mind, however, that the PRM and agent can only make recommendations – all decisions are up to you.

***This is Part One of a Four-Part Series we are writing about the process of selling your home. In our next installment, we’ll be discussing what you can expect in the first 30 days the home is on the market.

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