Navigating a Unique Sale: How Moving Station Sold the Oldest Home on the Market
Posted February 16th, 2017 by Clarissa Gregg

Here at Moving Station, we are experts in real estate, no matter the type of home or the market. Whether a seller enlists our help to sell a high-rise condo in Chicago or a ranch in Arizona, we know how to navigate the local market and position our listing correctly. For the owners of the Thomas Lincoln House in Hingham, MA, our industry knowledge helped our clients find a niche on the local market and attract the right buyer.
The house is a unique one. Built in 1650, it still has many of the original features preserved, including crown molding, wood floors and exposed wood beams in the ceiling. There’s a historical connection as well – the home was owned by Abraham Lincoln’s family for eight generations.
Homes with such deep historical roots don’t come on the market often. In fact, at the time of listing, it was the oldest home available for sale in the country.
Our job started when the designated Personal Relocation Manager, Jody, received permission from the sellers to refer two real estate agents to view the home. When placing referrals, our team always looks to top-producing local brokerages for full-time agents with outstanding marketing photos. Additionally, we want an agent who can anticipate the unique stresses that our senior sellers are going through while preparing to move to a senior living community. For this property, Jody also made a point to find agents with experience selling antique homes.
Based on the visits with the agents and the comparative market analysis reports they each prepared, the sellers chose to list with Rosemary Sullivan from Jack Conway. Rosemary had successfully sold other historic homes in the marketplace, and her experience and professionalism made her the best fit.
Jody and Rosemary worked together to prepare the home for the market. First, Jody advised the sellers to begin clearing out the home, including donating or discarding unwanted belongings they would not be bringing with them to their senior living community. Next, on Jody’s advice, Rosemary hired a home stager and scheduled time to take professional photos of the home’s interior. She also took drone shots to showcase the beautiful aerial view.
After working tirelessly to ensure that the home would be shown in the best possible light in the photos, Rosemary put the sellers in touch with local contractors who specialize in restoring antique homes. Jody stepped in as well to encourage the sellers to meet with those contractors based on her own understanding of buyer preferences in the antique real estate market.
Once the home was listed, Jody and Rosemary remained in touch throughout open houses and showings to ensure they were on the same page regarding buyer feedback. Because many buyers voiced interest in historical commission status, Rosemary recognized that the home would be most appealing to a seasoned buyer or even investor. She took advantage of that knowledge and began marketing the home in real estate trade publications, even arranging for articles to be written about the home for sites such as
Jody and Rosemary agreed that a well-timed price reduction would keep the home top-of-mind for buyers, so a reduction was made after 60 days. That reduction as well as the added publicity based on the home’s historical status helped secure several interested buyers. After about 90 days on the market, we had a contract in hand.
The process doesn’t stop there – Jody and Rosemary still have to follow up to ensure that the contract moves forward toward closing. If any issues do arise, they will work as a team to ensure that the sellers’ needs are met up until they close. After closing, Jody will stay in touch with the sellers until their move to their senior living community.
There’s a lot of work that goes into relocating and the home sale process is undoubtedly the most complicated part. Every home is unique and it’s hard to gauge just how the market will react. However, with the benefit of Moving Station’s 20 years of real estate experience and the hard work of our Personal Relocation Managers, sellers can rest assured that they’re in good hands.

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