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Posted September 13th, 2016 by Clarissa Gregg

At Moving Station, we are well equipped to face any kind of challenge that might come our way regarding your home sale. Our expertise allows us to navigate difficult situations with ease, and we are able to draw from our extremely capable team to find answers to even the most complex problems. Here are a few examples of how we have been able to help homeowners like you with issues that arise during their home sale!
“The homeowner had an adjacent, vacant, buildable lot, along with a very nice, well maintained home. The square footage of the home, however, was less than the average in the community, and showings were sparse. Our team put their heads together and looked at the real estate from the eyes of a buyer. We searched for the home as a buyer would to get a good idea of what the buyer would be seeing. When we did this, we noticed that price per square foot was considerably higher than the competition and could have been deterring our buyers. Our team and the agent worked together to come up with a strategy to show the homeowner that the two combined was hindering the buyers from coming to look at the beautiful home. After we discussed that, the adjacent parcel separated from the sale of home, and showings picked up quite a bit!”
“We recently helped sell a condo in California. The homeowner actually started the process with us a year ago and stopped, not wanting to take a big loss on his condo sale. The market had improved enough over the last 12 months that he wanted to give the move another try. We determined the current market value and the day we listed his property, the only other listed comparable in the building dropped their price $100,000 and now showed as a short sale. This wouldn’t have been such a big issue if there had been other comparable sales in the building, but nothing else had sold for years. This short sale was our only comparable and was now listed $100,000 less than our listing. With the agent and us counseling the family, we discussed the fact that if the short sale sells before we do, it will greatly impact our value. We also discussed that buyers are now using that listed comparable as a gauge of value for our property, even though with a short sale, the asking price doesn’t have a lot of bearing on the final sale price approved by the bank, it could be either higher or lower than the list price. The family followed our advice to lower their asking price which resulted in us attracting a buyer and selling ahead of the short sale.”
“We assisted a couple with their home sale with the parameters set by their new community to close on their apartment within 90 days. The couple would receive additional incentives if they closed within 60 days. We began speaking with them and helping them get things in order to list their home, aiming to earn the additional incentives. While they were busy getting the home prepared for the market, downsizing and packing, we worked closely with their real estate agent through the program to ensure the marketing was top notch, knowing the first two weeks would be crucial. The home ended up selling in one day and for asking price! We were able to close on their home and the sellers were able to close with the community in time to receive $12,800 in incentives!”
There are many other examples of how our team is able to work together to overcome challenges. You can always rely on the fact that we will do everything in our power to put our heads together to help you in any way we can.

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