Five Ways Moving Station Improves Our Partners Bottom Line:


1) More Depositors Become Residents

Nationwide, 85% of depositors who work with Moving Station’s Home Sale Program ™ sell their homes and move in, compared to 47% of depositors left to their own devices.


2) Lower Operating Costs

According to Leading Age, it costs an average of $30,000 to generate a resident. With Moving Station, 38% more depositors become residents. Moving Station increases profitability by reducing your marketing and operating costs.


3) Increase Revenue

Depositors who work with Moving Station move in an average of three months faster than depositors who do not. With a monthly assessment of $4,000/month, that’s $12,000 in new revenue for every resident plus earlier collection of entrance fees.


4) Lower Interest Payments

New developments that use Moving Station’s Moving Made Easy Program ® fill their units faster, resulting in reduced interest and earlier debt retirement.


5) Streamline Sales Force

Moving Station’s Personal Relocation Managers communicate with future residents regularly and keep you abreast of progress. In new construction, Moving Station saves an average of 1.5 full-time employees at each property.