Home Showing Offenses
Posted August 23rd, 2016 by Clarissa Gregg

Buyers come to home showings with the goal of envisioning themselves in the home they are about to see. Unfortunately, a seller can unknowingly cause a buyer to change their minds within seconds of walking in the door. Here are a few things a seller should avoid when showing their home:
• An unclean home, or clutter everywhere. If you were having a guest to your home, you probably would not leave dirty laundry on the floor, trash overflowing out of your trash can, or piles of paper everywhere. A buyer is just like a guest, you want to make your home as presentable as possible when they are coming to view your home. Take out the garbage, put the laundry away, and clear out as much clutter as you can. Clutter often makes it difficult for the buyer to see the home in its best light and it can often make a home seem smaller.
• Distracting photos. Your artwork may be special to you, but a buyer may not agree. Any artwork that may be distracting to a buyer should be taken down or removed temporarily.
• Bad smells. A buyer may LOVE your home, but if the home smells overwhelmingly of cigarette smoke or animal smells, the buyer may decide the home is not for them very quickly after they step inside. You can fix this issue by painting and cleaning your carpets before showings begin. If this doesn’t eliminate the problem, replacing the carpets is also an option.
• Pets running around the house. While you may think your pet is cute and friendly, the buyer may not view it that way. Some buyers would walk into a home with a cat or dog and walk right back out again, especially if they had allergies or were afraid of animals. If possible, find a way to remove your pet from the home during showings.
• Homeowners who stay home. For some, it is difficult to get out of the house for showings. However, it can make many buyers very uncomfortable to have the homeowner lingering while they look at the house. This could cause an awkward situation with the buyer finding the seller doing something personal, or it could make the buyer feel as though they couldn’t express their opinion or ask questions about the home while visiting.

There are many things that could turn a buyer away, but in most cases, a seller will be able to avoid these potential mishaps and take care of these issues before showings even begin. If you have questions about optimizing your home’s showing potential, your Moving Station Real Estate Counselor can assist you.

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