Don’t Forget To Advertise These Five Features of Your Home!
Posted January 28th, 2016 by Clarissa Gregg

Don’t Forget To Advertise These Five Features of Your Home!
While upgraded kitchens, renovated bathrooms, and flooring updates pack the most punch with buyers, there are still other features of a home that make a big difference as buyers are considering your property over others. You want to make sure that your real estate agent is highlighting all of these selling points to maximize the chance your home sells in a timely fashion.
UNIVERSAL DESIGN- Most buyers look for a home that will suit them for many years to come, either as young families grow, as children become adults and find places of their own, and as homeowners age. People’s needs change over time and universal design features make a home easily accessible for people who have physical challenges. Some of these design features may include ramps rather than stairs to an entrance of the property, one level living or at least having a bedroom and bathroom on the main level, wide hallway spaces, or a walk-in shower.
STORAGE SPACE- We live in a time where everyone seems to have a lot of STUFF! Finding places to put our treasures and keep them organized is a great bonus in a home. Be sure to detail walk-in and/or professionally organized closets, a pantry or extra cabinetry in the kitchen, and built-in shelving around the house.
ENERGY EFFICIENT FEATURES- Energy costs are typically high on a buyer’s mind as they consider their next move. Features such as Energy Star rated appliances, tankless water heaters, dual or triple paned windows, extra insulation, and LED lights all lower energy costs and can result in substantial savings over time. What buyer doesn’t want to save a few dollars as they are making a large investment?
ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY FEATURES- This category runs right in line with energy efficient features and reducing your environmental footprint. Recycled or re-purposed materials such as wood, stone, glass, and bricks, along with sustainable materials such as bamboo and cork can be both attractive and environmentally friendly.
NEARBY AMENITIES- Be sure to make buyers aware of a property’s proximity to local businesses. Knowing that you are a quick walk or drive away from a grocery store, bank, restaurants, parks, and gyms helps to improve the quality of life in a neighborhood and for your buyer. Some agents have access to map programs that pinpoint these location on a map along with your address, making it easy for buyers to see just how close they are to daily conveniences.
So, while the most unique and biggest features of a home are incredibly important to highlight, don’t overlook some of the more practical selling points of your home. They may just make the difference to YOUR buyer!

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