Moving Made Easy ®


Moving Made Easy ® helps senior communities accelerate the achievement of occupancy goals by providing future residents a full suite of concierge move coordination services. Moving Made Easy ® supports the sales, retention and move-in goals for senior communities by providing counsel and assistance with key aspects of what the future resident needs to accomplish: home marketing, downsizing and movement of household goods. Through our counsel and advocacy, we keep future residents on track for their move into your community.



New developments or expansions who are interested in accelerating the fill up process resulting in earlier collection of entry fees and monthly fees while providing a concierge relocation assistance service to their future residents.



Moving Made Easy ® helps communities:

  • Plan and prepare internally for all facets of the move-in process
  • Sell more units by broadening the sales message, and freeing sales staff to focus on selling
  • Retain depositors and minimize cancellations by identifying and addressing problems early
  • Fill faster than projected to collect entrance and monthly fees sooner