Case Study – We are Up to the Challenge!
Posted March 18th, 2016 by Clarissa Gregg

We assisted a senior couple with the sale of their home and it was a time-sensitive matter. Their chosen retirement community was only able to reserve their apartment for a short period of time before they would be moved back to the waitlist. As is often the case, the couple was depending on the equity from their home sale to fund the move and they were afraid they would miss the deadline due to a slow local real estate market.
The property was located in a rural community where several competing listings had been on the market for nearly a year. The winter season was fast approaching, and home sales tend to be slower in their community during that time. The couple considered cancelling the move altogether. However, after learning about our program, the couple agreed to meet with our local real estate partners. Their adult son even stated, “You are up for a real challenge.”
With their future plans on the line, the couple entrusted one of our recommended agents with their home sale. We were able to collaborate with the agent to develop a marketing strategy geared towards their target buyer. This included a combination of traditional and digital advertisements such as print, social media, and a presence on more than one Multiple Listing Service to maximize the exposure of their home.
The couple was pleased to accept an offer after only 55 days on the market achieving 97% of the original list price! This was a wonderful example of how the support of our programs can make all the difference to both the seniors making their move and the retirement community!

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