Case Study – The Proof is in the Numbers!
Posted April 1st, 2016 by Moving Station

A woman was in danger of losing her reservation at one of our partner retirement communities. She deposited there in July 2013 and listed her home. After 198 days on the market, the home still hadn’t sold, and the community suggested that she consider using the Home Sale Program through Moving Station.

She spoke with her Real Estate Counselor to learn the details of the program and met with the two agents hand-selected for her home. She liked both agents a great deal, and after some consideration, selected the one she felt was best suited to re-list her home. The property went back on the market March 16, 2014 at just $10,000 less than her previous listing price. The marketing presence was much better, with photos that showed the home in its best light.

Immediately, there was a flurry of showing activity. After just 11 days, she received an offer. It was lower than the senior and her family felt comfortable accepting. However, they worked with their Real Estate Counselor and real estate agent to negotiate the price.

Because the future resident was on the cusp of being able to afford to move to the community, the Real Estate Counselor was in constant communication with the retirement community, as well. The community was able to confirm that she would still be able to afford the entrance fee based on the negotiated price, and the family was able to sign the counteroffer after about two weeks of negotiation. The home closed a month and a half later, and she was finally able to move, after almost a year of waiting. She, her family, and the community were all thrilled with how Moving Station’s Home Sale Program helped them achieve their goal.


Prior listing:
 198 days on market
 2 price reductions
 Plain photos
 Home did not sell.

Home Sale Program listing:
 26 days on market
 No price reductions
 Lovely, professional photos
 Closed the sale just 68 days after listing

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