Case Study: If At First You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try Again
Posted October 6th, 2015 by Moving Station

We had the pleasure of assisting a couple last Fall and their story is a fantastic example of how our services can really make a difference. This couple tried to make a move to the same retirement community in 2007. They actually did move into the community while they had their condominium on the market, but were unsuccessful selling the property and didn’t want to carry two homes, so they moved back into their condo. Our program wasn’t available at this community in 2007 and they were happy to have the assistance when it was offered to them this second time around.
Over the next couple of weeks, we were able to introduce real estate agents to interview and assess their condo sale. Realizing the market was quite a bit different than 7 years ago, this couple was understanding of the difference in value demonstrated by the agents’ reports. They were anxious to list, wanting to move at the top of the following year, and moved ahead to put the condo on the market with their selected agent through our program. Once they prepared the condo for sale by de-cluttering and cleaning, they were only on the market 2 days before accepting an offer from an interested buyer! We made it through the inspection smoothly and the buyer paid cash, so there was no mortgage contingency on the sale. The property closed mid-January, coinciding perfectly with their targeted move date into their new home.
With the help of the program to sell their home, these folks told me there was less pressure on them with the real estate piece of their move. They spoke very highly of our support through the process and the agent we introduced to represent their listing.
Can you imagine not only not being able to sell your property to make the move you want or need to make, but actually making the move and then having to move back out? Thankfully, as more and more retirement communities see the value in our services, we are helping hundreds of families avoid some of the same pitfalls that we’ve seen and heard of in the past.

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