Case study- Going Above and Beyond
Posted March 28th, 2017 by Clarissa Gregg

As anyone who has made the transition to retirement living can tell you, the move logistics can get overwhelming, and fast! Between the sale of your home, downsizing and de-cluttering, potentially planning an estate sale, and lining up movers, the To Do list builds pretty quickly. That is exactly why many retirement communities provide resources like Moving Station to assist with the transition and ease the stress often associated with the move.
We recently assisted a couple moving from their long-time home. They were given a timeframe of 90 days to accomplish the move, but that time just flies by! Realizing they needed help with their home sale, they met agents through our program, and with both agents being very well-qualified, the decision was a bit of a toss-up. Well, turns out, they made the best decision for themselves without realizing it.
After selecting their agent, they turned their attention to de-cluttering and readying the house to list. They really didn’t have much to do, but after a few near misses with help from family, they were feeling discouraged. Our hero agent swooped in to save the day. She devised a plan with them to sort through things and would stop by to pick up boxes for donation as they were filled. They worked closely to list the house and were fortunate to have an offer after a little more than week on the market! At that point, the details of the estate sale and movers became pressing and again, their agent was their angel. She not only provided them options, but attended the meetings with the providers to make sure they were managing ok. She held their hands from start to finish and the couple couldn’t have been more grateful.
While we certainly don’t expect the agents we partner with to provide these types of services, this situation is a testament to us knowing the type of agents who are going to be a great fit for our homeowners. We understand the move can seem like a huge mountain to climb and we want to be there to provide you the tools you need to make that ascent with ease.

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