Our Team


Where would you find someone that cares as much about your future residents as you do?


Personal Relocation Managers are carefully selected and trained to provide the highest level of customer advocacy and service. With years of extensive experience, Personal Relocation Managers offer a wealth of knowledge, guidance, and comfort to help future residents navigate the intimidating move process.


With Moving Station, prospects are surrounded by a team of professionals who understand the unique subtleties of a later-life move. Personal Relocation Managers are the central point of contact and guiding hand for prospects to hold throughout the entire process; they are relocation experts who serve as a source of advice and comfort to each incoming resident, minimizing anxiety by coordinating every detail to ensure a smooth transition.


The Personal Relocation Manager assists prospects and future residents throughout the entire process by:

  • Providing the expertise and support future residents need to be smart consumers of move-related services
  • Serving as an advocate in securing high-quality services at affordable prices
  • Ensuring that there are no surprises during the move by staying a step ahead and reminding future residents in advance of key tasks to complete
  • Minimizing delays and expenses by quickly handling any problems that may arise