A Wonderful Testimonial
Posted August 27th, 2015 by Moving Station

We love it when people who’ve used our services share their success stories. Here’s one such testimonial from the resident of a continuing care community in Illinois:

“We faced the challenge of selling a very large ranch house that my Mom lived in for 50+ years, and doing that quickly so a portion of the home proceeds could be used for the fee due on moving into the community. The Home Sale Program proved to be the answer to all of those needs. Our Real Estate Counselor set us up with two competing realtors to provide a home sale analysis, and even brought in a third realtor when the two sale price estimates varied greatly. He was available at all times during this process, a great comfort as neither my Mom nor I had sold a house in over 3 decades and the whole process changed during that period.

Both of the final two realtors were quite experienced. The realtor we finally chose was quite proactive and took my Mother through the entire process very smoothly and with personal attention. The home pictures for the website were wonderful and she had excellent contacts with supporting professionals, including a real estate lawyer to review the contracts and run the close. She also provided insightful counsel on aspects of the sale, including what items in the house to repair.

We did sell 8 days after listing, and received full value for the house, sold ‘as is’. She organized the closing so well that Mom did not need to attend. The check showed up in time for a portion to be used for the entrance fee.

Moving Station and the agent were major contributors to a timely home sale, allowing my Mom to focus her attention on the move into her new apartment.

The Home Sale Program provided my family an unexpected benefit and reduced some of the natural strain that a transition to a life care community brings. This free Home Sale program is a great ‘value add’ that the community provides to its potential new residents.”

This story mentions a few benefits that make our programs so successful. First, he mentioned that neither he nor his mother had sold a house in over 3 decades. The real estate industry has changed very dramatically over the past 30 years, especially when you consider the technological innovations we’ve made as a society. Because Moving Station works with real estate professionals every day, we are well-prepared to help homeowners navigate the latest tools and trends to help them achieve a successful sale.

He also talked about the personal attention the agent provided to his mother. We consider this to be a critical part of our success. The agents we recommend are very carefully vetted and hand-selected to ensure that they will provide the level of attention our homeowners need, from beginning to end.

Last, he mentioned “This free Home Sale program.” Moving Station never charges a fee to the homeowners we assist! Our revenue comes from two sources. The Continuing Care Retirement Communities who offer our programs to the future residents pay us a small fee for the services. In addition, when a home has closed, the listing agent’s brokerage will pay Moving Station a small referral fee as a “thank you” for the business. This is very common in the relocation industry, and our real estate partners have gladly paid our percentage-based fee, knowing that we will continue to send opportunities their way.

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