9 Misconceptions Seniors Have About Selling Their Home
Posted June 22nd, 2016 by evotta

Every day, senior communities and their incoming residents look to Moving Station® for expert guidance on what’s often the key aspect of relocating to a new lifestyle – selling the old home. Our mission is facilitating a swift, fair and low-stress sale for your future residents. In fact, in response to a commonly asked question, “Can’t you just buy my home,” we developed our newest offering, the Quick Buy Program. With this program, the home is purchased outright enabling your future resident to move in as few as 30 days, significantly reducing the stress and hassle associated with a traditional sale. To learn more, click here.

When it comes to selling on the broader market, it’s important to understand potential pitfalls and know how to avoid them. To prevent delays and mistakes, we can open this discussion by offering corrections to commonly held misconceptions about the selling process, thereby smoothing the transition to the senior living community:

I’ll sell when I get the price I need to make the move.

The value of my home is the same as others in the area.

My friend is a real estate agent and will work harder to get me my asking price.

A real estate agent lives next door. Who better to sell my home than someone who lives in the neighborhood?

I’ll negotiate the commission with my real estate agent.

If someone is willing to pay my price, getting a mortgage appraisal to support that value shouldn’t be a problem.

I should hold out for the best offer. There’s no harm in leaving my house on the market.

If I sell too quickly, I’ll have nowhere to live.

I should be there for the showings.

Final Thoughts

The long and short of it is this: everyone benefits from getting a home sold quickly and at a fair price. To do this, the home must be priced strategically, the correct listing agent has to be chosen, a buyer must be found, and the deal has to be closed. Moving Station has systems and expertise in place to help with each of these steps. Not only do we understand the market, we specialize in assisting senior homeowners with the momentous, and often stressful, process of relocating.

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