Welcome to the Senior Division of Moving Station

Moving Station is a pioneering third party relocation company with the foresight to offer specialized assistance to seniors as they transition their lifestyles to retirement communities. And retirement communities benefit as Moving Station helps eliminate the most common yet debilitating obstacles seniors encounter in the course of their journey.


Moving Station isn’t the biggest relocation company but it’s the best at assisting seniors and senior communities with the challenges of making a move today: selling a home, downsizing, access to reputable household goods movers and staying on track to accomplish the objective of a new lifestyle. Helping people in transition is our company’s mission. Helping seniors in transition is the Senior Division’s mission.


What Drives Residential Real Estate Value Part 2

Part 2- Cost Versus Value In Part 1 of this series we presented the truism “Sellers Set Price, Buyers Set Value.” Understanding the needs and desires of the common buyer is crucial when assessing the market value..